LOL O.M.G. Scratch Off


These are printed on photo stock paper and is 4×6 in size. {Save $10.00} on 2 dozen, {Save $15.00} on 3 dozen, {Save $25.00} on 4 dozen.

These are printed on photo stock paper and is 4×6 in size. Design do not have to be the same, just contact me before making a purchased if you have any questions. You can choose the exact design you see here, or you can choose to have the same theme different design just Contact Me first before paying. If you are given the OK than you will choose the (Different Design but Same Theme Option). All information needed on the Scratch Offs, for example, age & name etc., should be submitted through the Contact Me page.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All Scratch Offs are (Made to Order), they are made once the order is place & there will be no returns, exchanges, cancellations or refunds. All computer monitors, tablets & cellphones display colors differently and the actual color printed may vary from what you see on your screens.


Same Design & Theme, Different Design But Same Theme


1 Dozen, 2 Dozen, 3 Dozen, 4 Dozen

How Many Winners

1 Winner, 2 Winners, 3 Winners, 4 Winners, 5 Winners, 6 Winners, 7 Winners, 8 Winners, 9 Winners, 10 Winners, 11 Winners, 12 Winners


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