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These services are not mentioned on the home page because it just keeps growing, as a result, I decided to dedicate to it, a small section of its own.

My Fragrance and Body Oils & Sprays are a store in & of its own. In this collection you will find Roll-On Body Oils; Air Freshener Sprays that can be used for your car or home; Lotion & Perfumes or Colognes for everyday wear or that can be customized for parties; & Burning Oils.

I do hope to add soaps, candles, and more to this store…..


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Graphic Design

Image of Graphic Design Examples made by Pierce Creations

I use my professional craft making skills to create visual content to convey messages. There is a visual pecking order & page layout technique I use with typography and pictures to meet a customers specific needs.  I feel Graphic Design is important because I want to boost not only myself but my customers marketing efforts across all channels whether it be for a business or for parties. I want my customers to quickly get familiar with what I have to offer.

Print & Press or Cut & Press

The Print & Press process will not happen without the Graphic Design Process. I am blessed to be able to Design & Create my customers vision without buying the design from someone else. After designing what the customer need, I than print or cut it so that I can later press it on whatever they want like T-Shirts, Caps, Handkerchiefs, Headscarves, Arm Sleeves, Socks, Face Mask, Neck Gaiters, Headbands,  Mouse Pads,  Coffee Mugs, Tumblers, Bags, the categories are endless.


A product is what you sell, a brand is the recognized identity of the product you sell, and branding is the plan of action you apply to create that identity. The goal when developing a brand is to create value;  that is why, when it come to creating your logo, we may sit and talk for a bit because I want to make sure I can vision what you vision and make it come to pass.  Why? Because a product can be copied by other business in the same market but A BRAND will always be unique.

Web Publishing

First lets start by defining Web Publishing, it is the process of publishing original content on the internet. With that being said, as a Web Publisher, I will build and upload your website; I do not check to see if the content is your original work, all I can do is trust that what you send me is yours. I can also update related web pages if they were built by me and make your site as to were others can post content on your pages depending on the type of site you ask me to design.

Photo Work

My Photo Work involve 3 different categories as mentioned on the homepage. The main one is Photography which involve locations shoots only because I do not have a photo studio. I can also do graphic shoots where I can take a pic of you in front of a green screen and add my own graphics. Photo Restoration is where I can restore your old photos depending on how badly damaged they are. Photo Colorization is another of my work where I can add color to your black & white photos.

Video Production

I love  Video Production. I’ve been doing it since a teen before I even knew what it was called. When it comes to video production, I feel there is only 3 stages needed; Pre-production is first because that is the starting process where I map out a plan with the customer about the video we are going to shoot. Production is the stage in which the video is actually shot. Lastly, Post-production is the stage that involve the editing process where I can add music and any other effects needed.

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